Thursday, May 18, 2006



There are certain terms you will hear at the pan table. Here are a few with their definitions.

SLUFFING - To throw a hand away and not play

MUCK - The discarded card pile

VALLE CARDS - 3'S, 5'S and 7's

COMOQUED - Two of the same number cards such as 7c,7c

SMOKED - Buying a card which you already have in your hand which does not allow you
to make a legal meld for example, 7c,7s in your hand and you buy the 7s. This is considered a "smoker"

PLUCK - Taking the top card off the deck

PEKKERED - When you do not get any of your pays down before another player goes out

BONG - 3's. 5's or 7's in spades melded worth four (4) chips

KONDITION - Size of the game and chip value

FLAT - Ten (10) cards melded on the table where the next card puts you out

PISSER - A hand which has no pays at all

ROPES - A sequence of cards in the same suit 3,4,5

SQUARES - Melds of number cards such as 3,3,3

TOPS - The ante each player puts up to receive a hand, always one chip

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