Thursday, May 18, 2006

The wondrous game of PAN

What is this wondrous game of PAN is often asked of me.
I've looked in books from here to Maine, but, rules I could not see.

It's not like bridge, it's not like gin, its terms will make you blush.
You get COMOQUED and PECKERED too, while some folks play their RUSH!

You have a hand you think is great and proudly you say PLAY!
A PISSER player wins the game, so you throw your "pat" away.

There are some folks that curse the game, they call it "Pick and Plotz".
They moan and groan and call for cards, you'd think it helps them lots.

You'll look for threes, you'll look for fives, you'll draw a lousy seven.
Seat six has two that match in spades, she drops out for eleven!

Your first pluck is the king of hearts, you put your pay in hock.
You never pick another card, you sit there like a rock.

You'll break your threes to take a rope, you want to win the game.
Your next four plucks are threes of spades, so who's the one to blame?

You're down for eight, you fast went flat. No one has moved a card.
But sit you do, you go no where, that eleventh card sure is hard!

You'll curse this game, you'll hate it too. It's more than you can bare.
But everyday the question is.................


Until next time, you can play a little Panguingue at


At 9:03 AM, Blogger Linda Smith said...

what happens to the pot when playing 15 and all four players are fouled?

At 9:28 AM, Blogger Debbie Sasser said...

that happened in a Klondike game, you play until you, as the only player, go out, collect your pay and tops.


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