Thursday, May 18, 2006


Now I want to discuss the values of pan melds. These are melds that are worth money and are paid during the play of the hand from all players in the hand.

3's, 5's and 7's are money number cards.

When you meld three different suits of these for example 3s,3c,3h, this is worth one (1) chip.

When you meld three of the same suit of these for example 3h,3,h3h, this is worth two (2) chips.

Spades are always worth double for example 3s,3s,3s is worth four (4) chips.

During the play of the hand as cards are added to your melds, the value of your meld can increase in value and you will be paid during the play of the hand as it increases.

For example, you meld 3c,3h,3s you get paid one chip. Now as the play of the hand continues, you get cards added to this meld 3d,3c,3s, as it is melded now, it is worth 2 chips because you have another legal meld, it is worth 2 chips so you will get paid the extra chip during the play of the hand.

Three of the same number is worth one (1) chip for example 6h,6h,6h and spades, once again, is worth double so 6s,6s,6s would be worth two (2) chips.

A,2,3 or K,Q,J are the money sequences. The sequences must be in all one suit and each one is worth one (1) chip or spades which is double worth two (2) chips.

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