Thursday, May 18, 2006

PANGUINGUE 101 (basic rules)

Pan unlike any other game uses 8 standard decks of cards in which all the 8's, 9's and 10's are removed. Most places also remove one set of spades leaving a total of 310 cards in play.

Because there are no 8's, 9's or 10's, the 7's connect to the jack for example J,7,6 instead of the normal J,10,9.

In Panguingue the play is counterclockwise.

Each player antes one chip and then is dealt ten (10) cards. The player must then decide to play or throw the hand away. Once you decide to play the hand, you are in until one player wins the hand. Whether to play or fold is one of the most important decisions in pan and we will discuss that in a future post.

In Panguingue you may never add a card to your hand. When you use a card from the deck or use a card that the player in front of you can not use, you must meld this card immediately with the cards from you hand to make a "legal meld" and then discard a card from your hand. No player may ever use a card that is discarded from another players hand.

A "legal meld" is any meld of a number that has three different suits or three of the same suits. For example 3c,3s,3h or 3c,3c,3c, with the exception of aces or kings which you may meld any three of any suit to make a legal meld. Once a legal meld is made, any number of these cards may be added.

Also, any sequence of the same suit can be melded for example 3c,4c,5, and then any card may be added such as a 2c or a 6c etc.

The first player to meld eleven (11) cards (10 cards plus his final draw from the deck) is the winner of the hand.

Until next time, you can play a little Panguingue at


At 3:48 PM, Blogger TNPanMan said...

Dear Oakey,

If it is OK, I would like to borrow this little Tidbit. It seems that Bicycle Book of Card Games misunderstood the term "Preserve the Character of a meld" with your term of "valid meld." Poor Mr. Thanos released his version of Pan and his game will only allow you to meld only 4 Cards of Each suit of a Rank or all the same suit of a Rank, except Aces and Kings. It makes it very difficult to put out a hand Lol.


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