Thursday, May 18, 2006


When determining whether or not to play the hand, position is certainly important. A pan table generally seats seven (7) players. The more players who declare in before you, the better your hand should be since you will be paying out during the play of the hand.

Also, having pays made in your hand is an important factor. At least you know, that when you come down with your melds, you will make money from the other players.

In my opinion, the biggest criteria to deciding whether or not to play a hand or not is the number of hits you need to put out the hand. In other words, how many cards do I need to put out the hand.

For example, you are dealt, Ks,Kh,Kc Qh,Qs,Qc 5c,5s,5d 7c

This hand will only need 2 good "hits" to go out. This is a good hand to play. Any king queen or five puts the hand flat (waiting for the final 11th card) and any king, queen or five will then put the hand out.

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